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From A for Apples to Z for Zucchini

We settle down in our little paradise. Nevertheless, there is something new to discover every day, and we can't imagine that this will ever change.

We have harvested our first raspberries - power for the muesli in the morning. From currants, we got our first jam. *Yummy*

But not only we enjoy the berries. The wasps also seem to like the Wehri very much. They are especially keen on apples and berries that have fallen. They like it so much that they have decided to settle down in the Wehri as well. This is suboptimal for me, as I am allergic to wasp stings. But Rena - the heroine - was immediately on the spot to remove the wasps' nest by herself (please do not imitate her!).

The little stingy insects found a new home in the forest. all are alive and kickin'.

Around the Wehri the country life is in full swing.

The farmers' hay, harvest and spray. They take care of the land and look after it.

A part of the excellent harvest finds its way to various farm stores in Andelfingen and Kleinandelfingen. We buy there regularly and are always looking forward to the fresh spinach, homemade jam and lots more.

However, our own garden also produces quite a lot—tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers and raspberries. Everything thrives and grows like wild.

All of this does not just happen. We work hard for it :-). Weeding is part of our constant occupation. We have decided not to spray any poison but to fight the weeds by hand. For example with heat .... that's how it looks like, when you burn weed with heat ... while you also get burned 😉

The beautiful blooming apple trees from spring turned into abundant apple donators. There are so many of them that we are really looking for a way to use them meaningfully. If you are interested in some (next year) please get in touch with us. We would be happy to have them used purposefully. We have found some right 'buyers' at least some apples. The almost daily feeding of the sheep has practically become a ritual. Now it just needs a whistle and the whole herd comes in full gallop.

Besides edible plants, all the different flowers around the Wehri excite us … unfortunately, we realised we don’t know the name of most of them. But guess what? there is an app for that :-) (name of the app) so living in the countryside is not just an idyllic dream, it also educates us a little ;)

What else? Oh yes, I got quite sore muscles during my homage to the Uetliberg: Running from bottom to top 7 - SEVEN - times…. Well, to each his own :-) Rena was happy to be the rounds cheerleader and supplied me with tea and bananas :)

5 am. Sunrise at the Uetliberg, waiting for Marcel to arrive. Also, the Uto Kulm-cat is waiting desperately for Marcel 🐱

With so much physical and intellectual work, we earned a break, don’t you think? We treated ourselves to a wellness weekend and relaxed. The Seerose was the right place for it.

But one thing is for sure: Coming home is and remains the most beautiful moment.

Because the Wehri is such a sweet place to be, we decided it should not only be a beautiful place just for us but for some new "roommates"...

Any guesses ...??? Stay tuned 🤗

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