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From zero hour to the glorious entry of the Wehri

Once upon a time there were two kids of the city who had the crazy idea to explore living in the countryside. They were thrilled by the dream and all the thousand little ideas which bloomed in their imagination. And so they decided to look for this cozy little place called home, where birds are singing, bees are humming, and the forest rustles peacefully.

And then the dream came true. The Wehri found us. Just like that. Can you imagine that?

We still can’t believe it đŸ€©

But before we could start to bath in awesomeness, there was this thing called moving. Peace of cake

But hey, we of course managed to work though all the hunderts of to do lists - Rena loves to create looots of to do list’s - , finding tenants, packing, cleaning, repacking, cleaning again, still looking for finding tenants and the regular crazinesses of relocation we finally made it: We left our flats.

Which did not mean to concur the Wehri right away, because why not having some more pit stops? Moving straight from one flat to the other is for beginners :P But after a last urban stop in the center of ZĂŒrich for 3 days we were ready to leave the urban jungle for good.

And that’s the moment to introduce our new companion. Please welcome: The pupsi.

A cute little eSmart, providing us mobility in our new outback life. Yeah, we like the drama 😉.

So we, Marcel, Rena and Pupsi finally reached the magic date of April, 1st. 9.30am would be the moment of the glorious entry of the Wehri. We were so ready - except maybe a little huge hole in Marcels stomach caused by some liiiittle misunderstandings between us and the moving company, who just called us at 8.30, informing us that they were already waiting at our new home and missing us
 well but what a gewgaw if you are on the highway of happiness!

So again: Marcel, Rena and the Pupsi were ready to hit the road to Andelfingen. Enthusiastic like two little puppies we drove on the highway, discussing where to put what first, what to ask the estate agents and where to start with the furniture set up. Just 30km away from this new period of life, we got interrupted by an unknown sound of our Pupsi. As we didn’t know each other so well that day, it took us a few moments to fully understand the signs.

Big learning: There is a “low battery” in every electric gadget. Like an electric car.

Note to ourselves: Always check the battery level before you leave.

Ok, so on a wave of adrenalin praying that our new companion will bring us home, we finally entered the Wehri at 9.20am on April 1st 2020.


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