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Have a rest with us - Our Wehri Studio is bookable!

Slowly but steadily the different facets of our Wehri vision become tangible. Things are materializing: The alpacas are about to move in and just before their arrival, we managed to make our studio bookable on Airbnb. đŸ€©

We happily present to you: The Wehri Studio - A hideaway with four alpaca neighbors, surrounded by nature!

Are you looking for me-time, peace of mind, and a breeze of fresh air? Then check the details. Here is the link to the Airbnb ad.

Here some info: The Wehri Studio is a one-room apartment with a huge cozy couch, ab big table to spread out, a comfy Japanese tatami bed with a futon mattress a separate bathroom, and a balcony. Our studio comes with a private entrance & doorbell. It’s really like your space.

Us, offering you our space is one destination of our “hello wehri” journey and an experiment for us. Will people like our place to stay? How interesting are the happiness packages we offer: will our guests be interested in yoga & meditation sessions, having a walk with the alpis, or doing some stargazing with Marcel? How will we like people staying with us here, in our very remote place?

We want to use this blog post to also share which activities could be interesting when exploring the neighborhood:

  • The river Thur is just 500 meters away from the Wehri. That’s also where the nature reserve Thurauen is starting, one of the biggest “Auenland” in Switzerland.

  • Explore the winegrowing region “ZĂŒrcher Weinland” with its many hiking trails and wineries to visit

  • Wonder around Andelfingen to find the nice half-timbered houses. Visit the amazing garden of the castle of Andelfingen and if you are into herbs, do not miss the lovely herb garden.

  • There are a couple of cute farm shops, where you get local regional veggies and fruits and other delicious self-made stuff.

  • The Rhein river is just 5 km away. We recommend a hike alongside the Thur where you pass by a couple of BBQ spots and nice places riverside for a picnic.

  • Sports: The trails in the area are ideal for running or hiking. If you are into racing bikes, there are plenty of routes with little traffic.

  • Water sports: You can go for a swim in the Thur and take a drift from Kleinandelfingen almost to the Wehri. Of course, you can also go in a kayak, Kanu, or rubber boat. There is a nice route, starting at the Wehri and floating to the Rhein and then to Riedlingen, which takes 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the height.

  • The area is also great for animal lovers: It’s a hot spot for ornithologists, who can find kingfishers, little egrets, sandpipers, goosanders, and tawny owls. There are also beavers living at the river. If you are not lucky to spot one you will definitely see the result of their work 😉

  • And last but not least: Book a rendezvous with our alpacas including a relaxed walk. All in all, it will take an hour.

Does all of this sound appeal to you? We would be so happy to receive your feedback, how all of this sound to you. Interesting? Tempting? Boring? All feedbacks and questions are HIGHLY appreciated! Leave a note here or on our Instagram account hello_wehri.

Now we are excited to jump to the next chapter. Stay tuned for news 🩙🩙🩙🩙 â˜ș

With love, peace & a powerful place

Marcel & Rena

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