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More than just a home

Aktualisiert: 5. Aug. 2020

Finally, we arrived at the Wehri! The boxes are now waiting to be unpacked. Not so easy to find the right place for everything. But with some back and forth and funny discussions - two centimeters more to the left, no three centimeters more to the right, no but 4 centimeters more to the front, no, but as we had it first - every piece of furniture had found its first place. Actually, we had everything except a real wardrobe. Anyway, a few cartons will help out the first time until the professionals assembled the ordered wardrobe. It took EIGHT hours to build. Luckily we decided not to do it ourselves - we would still be making it today.

We were more into fine-tuning. But even that has to be learned. How do you assemble a grill correctly? Well, there are a couple of ways. But at the end, everything worked out perfectly.

But there was a lot to do, not only in the house. Gardening is the order of the day! We were looking forward to that and getting our hands really dirty. Awesome!

Our little garden.... ok just a little joke :-)

The tomatoes got their little house, and we started planting the first vegetables.

Well, there was enough to do just in the house or garden. But, of course, we had our regular jobs that needed to be done. We still cannot imagine a more delightful place for the home office.

In the Wehri everything is spectacular. At least to us ☺️. The sunrises and sunsets and what could be better than having breakfast in your garden? The view is just super inspiring, and it's so lovely and quiet - if not for a horse that has run away galloping across the meadow. Sorry, no picture - the horse was way too fast.

Of course, it didn't take long, and we were allowed to receive our first visits to the Wehri. We love visitors. Thanks to the sponsors for the champaign.

We love our new home very much!!

And others also do. So next time we will share some news about our lovely and funny neighbours. Stay tuned ☺️

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