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Pleeeaaaase welcome: THE WEHRI GANG 😍

Not everything about adulthood is amazing. But one thing is great: you have the chance to make your dreams come true. With moving to a remote place, surrounded by nothing else but nature the vision of living with animals is more or less just a “yes, let’s do this” away. And after talking to some very supportive and nice people like Adrian BrĂ€ndle, Katja Stocker and Monika BĂŒchel who are already living with alpacas, we said exactly that: let's do this!

What felt like a very vague idea, in the beginning, happened to become very real when we met Ursula, Markus, and their about 70 alpacas. We visited them to “just have a look” and ask even more questions about living with alpacas. But at one point, there are no more questions necessary and history makes its way

Sometimes a very soft nose, giving you a nudge–shy but very curious–is all it takes and you give your heart away as if it is the easiest thing to do.

We fell in love quite immediately with four of the little guys we met at alpacolor. And the idea of them, living somewhere else than with us felt so “no way!” that the tender vision of taking them with us was sealed within 
. I would say very fast 😉

So here we proudly introduce: *tataaaaaaa*

The Wehri Gang

Loco Mocoso, the eldest of the four and obviously the cheekiest guy at the moment. Let’s see who Loco will turn out to be in a few months. But we kind of can imaging that his name will be program.

Trieler Olé, he is quite a family boy at the moment. Hanging out with his mummy (on the right) and sister all the time he runs around the farm and is checking out the world with a little safety distance.

Nano Titan, the little buddha. Always looks like he is smiling at the world. When he was born, he was a very tiny guy, that’s where his first name comes from. But let’s see what the future brings. Sometimes the ones being tiny in the beginning are going to be giants someday 🕉

And last but not least: Zorro Curioso. Always prick-eared, scanning his surroundings. Awake and curious but also cautious. Well, almost always. Once, he scared us massively by sleeping so deep that we were wondering if he is still alive. He is!

Because the four half-brothers still are babies they are not living with us yet. But we visit them as often as we can and because sharing happiness is increasing happiness exponentially, you are invited to follow their adventures and our adventures with them here in the future. You can be sure, there will be an infinite number of pics & videos to come 😇

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