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The Ramp Up

Huiuiui … long time no hear.

Wondering what kept us busy?

Busy dreaming about new perspectives.

Of course, getting to know our future roommates takes time we love to spend.

The four cutest alpacas in the world
From top left clockwise: Loco Mocoso, Nano Titan, Zorro Curioso & Trieler Olé

But not only.

We were busy dreaming about new perspectives.

The last couple of months we were busy with arsing around.

Creating our vision of how we would love to share what we love to do.

How to live here at the Wehri. In nature. Enjoying the countryside and the relaxing slow down with yourself. How you might also love exploring yourself and meeting some furry friends.

Our Wehri vision: A peaceful place to slow down and enjoy life. A space to experience nature, yourself, alpacas, yoga, contemplation, and inspiration.

So what does this vision mean when bringing it alive?

We were forging ideas about setting up an AirBnB or even better, a Bed & Breakfast in our studio.

the Wehri Studio, before the make over 👩‍🎨

We thought about sharing the fluffy fellowship by offering alpaca walking tours.

Walking two Alpacas
Taking a walk with Loco and his friend

Creating a place to share yoga and meditation.

Yoga Nidra
Rena sharing a Yoga Nidra Session in Züri. Looking forward to a similar one in the Wehri 🤩

Inviting you to take an astrophysical glance at the universe and discuss the secrets of space together.

What a view. Marcel took a shot from our milky way. 10 subs @f2.8 ISO 400 / 8 secs exposure time per frame.

Offering these sessions in our barn and the barn itself for events.

Our barn, new home of the Wehri Chaps and lot's of room for inspiring moments

We were indulging ourselves in how it could be and what we would do and what would be needed for that.

Lots of “what would’s” right?

So we decided to replace the what would's with “we will’s”.

We are welcoming the new year with the existing outlook to ramp up our Wehri vision:

A peaceful place to slow down and enjoy life.

A space to experience nature, yourself, alpacas, yoga, contemplation, and inspiration.

There are a few steps to take to get there, like

  • Beginning with building a fence for the pasture

pasture for the alpacas covered in snow
As you can see, you see nothing yet 😬 A fence to come, soon!
  • Building a box for the Wehri Chaps in our barn

Inside of the barn
Bikes are holding space where the box for the Wehri Chaps will be build.
  • Making the former home office into a cozy BnB apartment

Wehri Studio
The studio waiting for the pixie dust to be a cozy place to stay
  • And setting up some inspiring yoga, meditation, and stargazing sessions

Will you accompany us by realizing this vision?

You are happily invited to do so, here on our blog, on Instagram at hello_wehri, and of course in real, as soon as the barn doors are installed and the bed in our studio is made!

We are really excited and looking forward to taking you with us on this journey.

And we promise to not be lazy on our blog again 😇

Love & peace,

Rena & Marcel


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